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Bring It On

Several euphemisms come to mind when contemplating whether the legislation permitting discrimination against Lesbians and Gays will ultimately succeed. One involves a snow-ball. And most of the people, of reasonable intelligence, making comments on Facebook and other places, ridicule and laugh at the stupidity of even trying to get such a law to stand. Yet, state after state tries to pass or enforce legislation legalizing discrimination on the basis of personal religious beliefs. All have failed at one point or another.

Recently, Missouri joined the ranks of the likes of Arizona, Kentucky, Texas and others.

The question then is, “Why?” Why are they proposing those laws if it is so hopeless. Do they truly believe they can legislate their concept of morality? Yes, if they can get away with it.  Do they want to boost the economy by spending lots of taxpayer money on the process and possible legal battles? Not really but they will spend the people’s money. Or are they all just a bunch of homophobic idiots.

Homophobic, perhaps. Idiots, no.

The real reason: re-election. Some businesses and individuals want to discriminate and are willing to contribute big money to politicians who will take their side. Plus, many legislators are indeed  homophobic. They take on the role of “Savior,” protecting the God-fearing people from the Gay and Lesbian hoards. Of course, this tactic is nothing new.

It would be easy to ignore them, to joke or laugh. But obtaining real freedom is not easy. To make progress, the Gay and Lesbian community and their friends, would be wise to make note of the people who propose and support those measures in their state. Thanks to these discriminatory bills, everyone one gets to know who is who. By publicizing their names and associated businesses, it becomes easy to make choices as to where you, your family and friends do business and who you vote for or against.

For those in Missouri, get to know State Senator Wayne Wallingford(R). And of course, your very own State Senator. The bigots do that, so can you.

As for the other states that have a pending bill or planning to have one, bring it on. Let everyone know who you are.

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