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U.S President Trump is finally bringing people together. It is almost certain he didn’t really mean to do it. It just sort of happened, inadvertently, a by-product of his egotistical and bullying personality.
Thanks to his need to receive accolades from his constituency, he signed the Immigration Executive Order.
If he hadn’t done that, the Republicans and Democrats in Congress would have continued to have little in common. As it is, it galvanized some Republicans to step up, agreeing with Democrats and condemning the EO. Equally important, the Trump voters and the non-Trump voters down on the farm are trying to figure out, together, what to do about him.
The difficulty, among his voters, is reconciling his behavior and actions with their Christian faith and values. Their faith has led them to vote for the people who say they are “Pro Life.” Period. That’s it, the overriding criteria for every elected office. Other factors are considered minor.
Only this time, the other factors are not minor. They are major, not only going against Christian values, but the values of every other living religion of this world.
So, down on the farm, some folks are resuming friendships, working together. There will always be those who are as bigoted as Trump. But the overwhelming majority are good people who made a mistake. It is important to forgive those people and work together against the white supremacists and bullies.

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