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You Lost, Now What

So you lost. You are devastated. Depressed. Okay. Now what.

Some people stomp out of the house, fire up the tractor and brush hog. Others pull up their boots and clean the horse stalls. And then there are some who scrub with a vengeance. Whatever the physical activity, it feels a hell of a lot better than sulking. At least something useful gets done. Something tangible. Something worth a photo on Facebook.

But then what. It’s a done deal. You lost. Can’t change it. You lost. Now what.

Will you “just get over it?” No. Will you “give it up.” Hope not. For what did you actually lose. Did you lose the war for compassion, social justice, for people? No. You lost a skirmish. The battles continue. Wars, especially against those who would be dictators, are never won quickly. Adult bullies have honed their skills since childhood. They make groups fearful of what they might do. Some people cower, afraid to disagree with the bully. Feeling powerless, they try to disappear into the background so as not to be noticed. Other try to please, do what is wanted to avoid the wrath, hoping they will be given at least portion of the power for their good behavior.

And then there are the others. The ones who continue the fight for “life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness.” They get off the tractor, clean off their boots, throw down the scrubber and resume the fight.

They call, write, post, sign, demonstrate, plan, donate, photograph . . .

They persist to resist – that’s what.

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